The Child within...

I saw her sitting there,
all cold and alone,
I saw her sitting there...
not a hope in the world.

Her mouth was all dry
and her cheeks all wet,
it appeared as if she
had cried herself to death.

I asked her what she wept for,
and her only reply...
was to stare at me blankly
right in the eye.

I felt much discomfort,
but continued to pursue
the issue at hand...
I really had no clue.

She said to me,
don't you see...
you have left me here,
deserted and alone,
you have left me here...
I know of no home.

But why, I asked,
who are you?
Why would I leave you...
I don't even know you.

She looked at me longingly,
that dark dismal stare,
it made me wonder
if she really could share.

Something was wrong,
I could just sense it,
something was wrong
and we couldn't pretend it.

I asked her again,
who are you...
and why are you distressed?

Don't you remember?
she said...
Don't you remember?
You had left me for dead.

All of those bad things,
long long ago,
they were so awful,
you just let me go.

You could not handle
the hurt and the pain,
so you figured leaving me
would only be sane...

I have battled the heat....
almost deranged.

But I have survived,
because I just knew...
You would come after me,
Because I am YOU!