The sky is dark.
I sit here quietly,
thinking, pondering,
Where is my life going?
What shall it lead?
I feel myself following
dark shadows into the fog,
Where is my life going?
What shall it lead?
Still I follow,
thinking, pondering.
Is my life in vain,
or will it be meaningful tomorrow.

I follow the shadows,
not knowing quite where,
and when the fog lifts
I see you there...
standing with tears
streaking down your face,
you outstretch your arms
for that warm embrace.

I look at you
and do not see,
all of the things
you so desperately need.

I don't understand
your outstretched arms
your tear streakin' face
or the warm touch needed.

I sit and I stare at you,
just sitting and staring...
sometimes getting tired
of looking at you
I will hide my eyes,
but you never go away.
You remain in view
with your arms still outstretched.

Why did these shadows
take me to you?
Why did I follow into the fog?

Why were you the one
they were seeking?
Is it ME that you
are so desperately needing?

I stare at you
for days on end,
I stare at you,
some years that wait
for me to mend...

The sky starts to break,
the fog starts to lift,
the sun breaks through,
and I see your gift...

It is the gift of love
you have so freely given.
The gift of peace
so desperately sought.
The gift of friendship
you have not found,
it is the gift that buried you
until I could unbound...

your ankles from the guilt,
your eyes from the pain
your hands from the giving
that you have done in vain...
your lips from deceit
your ears from the lies
your heart from the torture
that made me almost die.