The One Who Made the Skies

I was there,
in your eyes...
but a twinkle,
yet I was there all the same.

You made me...
my nose to smell,
my lips to smile,
my eyes to tear,
my hands to touch.

You made everything...
the birds that sing,
the flowers that bloom,
the fish that swim,
the mountains that rise and fall.

You made my heart,
with its every beat...
its every beat.

It is incredible to know
that you have made me,
and even though at times I feel
as if I am not perfectly whole,
I know that you have made me,
and I am perfectly whole.

When the pain got to deep,
you sent me comfort...
a friend,
a prayer,
a kitty to care.

When the tears would not stop,
you sent me more that I could drop...
a tear for pain,
a tear for sorrow,
a tear for living through tomorrow.

When my heart wanted to stop its beating,
You sent me love, there is no competing...
a warm strong hug,
a compassionate ear,
a quiet lone deer.

When my path seemed to end,
you sent me direction...
a hope,
a breeze of life,
a tomorrow without strife.

You have filled my needs,
my wants,
all of my desires.

And when I doubt,
when there is no tomorrow,
when the pain gets too deep
with nothing but sorrow...

I gaze to the skies,
and all the stars that stare
back into my eyes...
there is no doubt...
no doubt in the universe,
you made me...
you made me.