Sex Offenders / Offenders Listed by State

Mandi was gracious enough to share this resource, and I thank her for it. There have been many times where I have wanted to check out state lists of offenders, but have been unable to find how. This site gives state listings, or access to state listings by mail. Unfortunately, there are some states that do not provide 'free' access to the listings. I would like to encourage you to write to your state legislature, if this is the case for your state, encouraging them to provide access to view criminals who have committed such crimes...let the silence be broken and ask our states to stop protecting the criminals but start protecting the victims!

And, before your proceed on, I would just like to caution you in proceeding to the lists. Some of the contents of this page may be very triggering, so please only visit when you are feeling strong and supported.

Stay safe, and help to keep our children safe!


A place where people can go and type in their zip code and find who is a predator that lives in their area:
Family Watchdog

From the TV Show:
America's Most Wanted


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