Links for Healing
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Recovery Village - PTSD This resource from Recovery Village gives abundant insight on PTSD, including therapies, tools, and additional links.
Joyful Heart Foundation When people are abused and assaulted, it is like the doors to their souls slam shut. The goal of Joyful Heart is to let the light, and the life, back in--to banish the darkness and let the healing begin. -- Mariska Hargitay, President & Founder, Joyful Heart Foundation
Dancing in the Darkness This is a quite extensive site for those who are healing from rape and abuse. It has been created by a fellow journeying survivor. May you find wisdom in her journey.
Faces of Rape and Sexual Abuse Survivors "Faces of Rape and Sexual Abuse Survivors", reveals the inner strength of women and men who have been put to the ultimate trial of their lives. Despite being victimized, many are determined to make it through. Most, including me, are still in the healing process. Survivors may never overcome the violent event completely, but life goes on. We have to move on. This explanation, written by the accomplished Nobuko Oyabu, gives only a glimpse of what this site contains. Enter it's gates to find faces and stories of survivors who have chosen to soar. Nobuko takes you beyond the words and into the hearts of survivors from around the world.

Help Now
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About the National Sexual Assault Telephone HotlineInformation about getting connected with a trained staff member from a sexual assault service provider in your area.
HopeLine from Verizon HopeLine is a program exclusive to Verizon Wireless that puts wireless services and equipment to work to assist victims of domestic violence. The long-running HopeLine program collects no-longer-used wireless phones and equipment in any condition from any service provider. The used phones are either refurbished or recycled. With the funds raised from the sale of the refurbished phones, Verizon Wireless donates wireless phones and airtime to victims, and provides funding and other contributions to non-profit domestic violence shelters and prevention programs across the country.
What actually happens when you call the National Suicide Prevention LifelineThis is an explanation with contained links and phone number for suicide help. Alia E. Dastagir shares what happens when a person calls into the hotline, which can be reassuring to anyone who may be contemplating reaching out during dark moments.

Domestic Violence
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Recovery Village Amy contacted me in hopes that she would be able to add this fantastic resource to BTI. The information in the link provided is very insightful. Being able to connect with further information on how to recognize signs of domestic abuse, both as a friend of a victim or as a victim, is beyond valuable. The link is being provided because of that resource. I cannot, however, verify the treatment facility that is linked with this resource. If you are further interested in the Recovery Village, I encourage you to research further into the program.
A Social Worker's Guide to Domestic Violence A concise overview of domestic violence, full of excellent resources and information.
Substance Abuse And Domestic Violence: How To Get Help Our mission is to empower readers to be able to identify domestic violence, plan interventions, and realize that they are not alone.

For Friends and Partners
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Significant Others of Rape and Abuse Survivors ~ By Jay Thomason If you are a significant other or a supporter I highly recommend this site to you.
Sexual Abuse and Violence SupportThis is a site that provides information on help and support for anyone who has a friend/family member who has been sexually abused or sexually assaulted. There is even a phone number to contact if you, yourself, need support.
The Most Important Thing You Can Say to a Sex Abuse SurvivorThis article hit the core of my being and resonated with my own experience and feelings. The writer has much wisdom in navigating the dark waters with someone who comes to you and shared that they have experienced sexual abuse.

For Male Assault Survivors
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Men's Web An extensive site that put forth very supportive and understanding wisdom.
I wrote to the webmaster and he was very welcoming in linking to Bearing Through It. I hope that this link will be of much help to all the male survivors that are looking for healing.
1 in 6This site provides information and support for men who have been sexually assaulted or abused. It includes a phone number for support, common questions, myths and facts, and testimonies from survivors. I was impressed at the information contained here, and I hope it provides support for anyone searching for help.
Men Can Stop RapeDon't let this title turn you away... This link contains numerous other links, connecting you to resources supporting any male who has experienced sexual abuse or assault. I noticed that it also contains a link for the 1 in 6 that I have separately linked here, as well as links to connect with other survivors.

My Survivor Friends Homepages
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Deb's Homepage By Deaf Deb
Her Dreaming By Helen, aka Lost Sheep

Encouragement, Fun, and Friends
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Planet Sark Here is an exerpt from the mind of Sark, hopefully it will give you and idea of the magic inside her site....'I tried to avoid my creative dreams in every way possible. Then I realized that I literally and truly had nothing to lose, and things couldn't deteriorate any further...
Of course, things did get worse! Then I decided to devote myself to my dreams NO MATTER WHAT THE COST and see what that would produce. I was astonished by the riches inside. We all have these riches.'
Color Away The Day Fun coloring page that allows you to print and color, or color online. Amazing art that will let your creativity go wild....and let stress float away.
Awkward Family Photos This has been a favorite of mine for awhile. A place where awkward lends to the hysterical...may you find your heart light as you find photos that send you into laughter.
"How To" Everything A website dedicated to giving you direct access on the 'how to' on anything! I tested it by asking 'how do I get my dad who has Alzheimer's to take a shower?', and it threw out an endless list of links in Alzheimer's and how to help. Better than google in that it was more concise and it didn't seem to have as many things to weed through.
Tour the Universe Take a mind blowing adventure into our universe! I briefly browsed this site and immediately fell in love with the stunning complexity and navigation capabilities. Prepare to be swept away by the stunning experience of swimming through the stars!
Simple and Funny Comic strips that are not only funny but inspiring and thoughtful. Take a walk on the lighter side of life as you take some joy in some thoughtful, but witty, comics.
Allan's Homepage: Meet Allan! He's the web designer for the Bearing Through It website.

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