I welcome you to my journal. It has taken me some time to realize that journaling not only helps me, but it might help another soul as well. It was with the latter that I felt the need to journal for you. It has been difficult to share my ups and downs, especially to look back on some of the times that I have experienced.

My life has continued to change and grow in many ways. I don't find myself journaling as much as I once did, but in many ways that is a positive indication that life has gotten better. I still struggle, but not nearly as I once did. It is through this experience that I hope you not only find a connection to my past thoughts, but that you will find a hope in my current experiences. I cannot tell you how much journaling has helped me, but I hope that you will find a connection to your self and that you will take up a pen and write down for yourself your feelings and thoughts as you experience them. May they be a guide in your journey.

-- TY

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